Buzzscope: Friends Like These

My latest “Establishing Shots” column is up:

In my inaugural column two weeks ago, I brazenly declared Buzzscope to be “the best goddamn comic book web site around!” I qualified that statement a little bit, offering that, even if we actually aren’t yet, we will be, and went on to give some of the reasons why I believe that to be true. A couple of days after, I received a “Welcome” email from the publisher of one of one of the smaller comic book magazines (not one of the three I mentioned in the column) and he offered an interesting assessment of my declaration: “You’ve probably won no friends by firing such a cannonshot over the bows of your online competitors…”



There’s links to some good stuff you may have missed recently, so head over and read the whole thing!

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4 thoughts on “Buzzscope: Friends Like These

  1. You know, everything at Buzzscope might not necessarily be for me. but that’s a good thing. I think you guys have a shot for the long haul–most of your contributors are solid. You’re on your way, Guy.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Ed! Nice to know you’re in the audience. As we move forward, I’m hoping to develop a wider range of content and contributors so that there’s a little something for almost everyone.(Tom Spurgeon is on my wish list!) Last thing I want is for our coverage to only reflect my tastes.

    BTW, that was a great piece you posted last week, “…thinking way too much about superheroes.” You ever want to contribute something of that depth to Buzzscope, I’d love to have it!

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