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Alright folks, the official web site for Superman Returns has opened up. I just took a quick tour and I really like it. It’s very clean, nothing fancy. In fact, it’s the polar opposite of the Fantastic Four web site.

The site has 11 wallpapers ready for downloading, and 8 production stills on display. For your pleasure, they’ve also included buddy icons of everyone’s favorite characters, as well as the teaser poster.

By far, the best feature of the site is Bryan’s Video Journals. They’re posting video blog entries following the production of the film, with Bryan Singer as your guide. The posts are very entertaining and a must for any movie fan. Entries range from location scouting to storyboarding, and everything in between. All the entries are easily accessed on a sidebar once you click on the Bryan’s Video Journals link at the top of the screen. A nice touch added to this section is the virtual comic book. In addition to the sidebar access to the video posts, you can flip through the pages of a virtual comic book. I have not seen any difference between the two methods of accessing the posts other than aesthetically. I’m sure as time goes by the site will go through lots of changes, but if it stays like this it’s fine by me.

Before I sign off let me make a comment on Superman up there. One thing we (as fans) have to remember is that this is a film, not a stage production. Before we rip the casting of Routh, we have to see the film. At the very least, see some trailers or footage of Routh in motion. The difference between what we see on film and what we see in stills can be drastic. Between this picture and one of the wallpapers showing Supes and Lois side by side, SuperBoy Returns seems like a better title for this film. Until some good footage is released, I’ll hold my criticisms back.

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3 thoughts on “LINK: Superman Returns

  1. “Until some good footage is released, I’ll hold my criticisms back.”

    Might be waiting for awhile, then. OH!

    It looks like the stuff with young Clark is going to be really good, and everything else, not so much. I could be wrong, but so far none of the leads appeal to me at all, or sell me as the characters. I thought it was just me, since everyone else online seems to be busting a nut left and right over this movie.

  2. I’m not really looking forward to this at all. Superman’s never really done it for me, in the comics or the movies, and from what I’ve read of this version, I’m guessing I’ll catch it on DVD at some point. I liked Smallville until Loeb started overplaying the WB teen drama card.

  3. Yeah, it’ll be a long while for some really good footage. But I think we may see the teaser trailer with the release of Harry Potter. Smallville is leaps and bounds better than anything Superman has done in comics or film.

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