Has It Really Been One Year?

I knew this blog’s one year anniversary was coming up sometime this month, but I just checked the archives and realized I missed it! My mother was right, I really am going to be late for my own funeral.

My first post is dated November 11, 2004, but I vaguely remember back-dating that one so it could be first, a Top 5 list which I’d originally posted on whichever messageboard I was frequenting at the time. (Comic Fanatic, I think.)

1. Gotham Central
2. Teen Titans
3. Conan
4. Ex Machina
5. The Losers

Interesting how my tastes have changed. While all but the Teen Titans are still in my Top 10, only one or two would make my Top 5 this year. (My current Top 10 is over in the left column.)

Anyway, Happy Anniversary to me! A virtual beer to all of you who are reading along. (Have to check and see when Dan started posting here so we can celebrate him, too.)

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