LINK: Iron Chef! WS vs Aspen, Main Event!!!

From the Wildstorm blog, Sun of Gelatometti:

That’s right guys it’s on, and going down [today], Thursday, December 8th, at 2:00pm pst! The one you guys have all been waiting for, JIM LEE vs MICHAEL TURNER! The battles up until have been hot and heated, here are the past results!

Round 1 – Alé Garza vs Marcus To
Winner: Garza!

Round 2 – Carlos D’anda vs Koi Turnbull
Winner: Turnbull!

Round 3 – Richard Friend vs Micah Gunell
Winner: Friend!

Wildstorm goes into the final round with a slight edge, but with the strength of tomorrows two competitors it could go either way! STAY TUNED!!!

No word yet on what they’re drawing, but my money’s on Jim Lee.

One thought on “LINK: Iron Chef! WS vs Aspen, Main Event!!!

  1. Oh Jim Lee is gonna kill – Turner barely beat Campbell last year, and Lee’s sketchwork (imo) is often better than the stuff he spends a day/week working on.

    Should be fun.

    You should set up something like this at Buzzscope, time it with the Final 4, and do a playoff system like that.

    ps Garza shoulda lost too.

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