Pull List Review: December 2005 (Part II)

Here’s what I’m currently buying on a regular basis, and, in some cases, why. (Part I of this roundup is here, and here‘s where things stood back in June.) “+” / “-” / “*” equal the change, if any, in my opinion since then.

Johnny Raygun Quarterly
Teen Titans with a Green Lantern Corps sping, as done by guys actually having fun with the concept. They have a big Savage Dragon crossover coming up, which doesn’t excite me in the least, but will hopefully raise its profile a bit.

Jonah Hex
I apparently am a closet Western fan. Two issues in, though, and I’m already on the fence.

Jova’s Harvest

An odd but unexpectedly intriguing title. It’s a provocative spin on the war between heaven and hell, told completely in rhyme and with an interesting sense of humor.

This might actually be off the list as of later today, when #2 decides if Wood’s angsty white liberal hipster vibe is too much for me to stomach.

Only two issues left. 🙁

Monkey In A Wagon Vs. Lemure On A Big Wheel
One of the most pure fun comics I’ve read this year, it lands at its new home (Silent Devil) sometime early next year, I believe.

Nat Turner
#1 was one of the most powerful single issues I’ve ever read, and #2 was similarly provocative. The collected edition of this will surely rank as one of the best graphic novels ever. Baker has outdone himself.

New Thunderbolts
Move over New Avengers, this is a team book that remembers how its done!

NYC Mech: Beta Love
Love story, crime drama, straight-up brass knuckle noir – NYC Mech packs it all into one of the most visually appealing comics I’ve ever seen.

The Pact
This was a fun little Image Team-Up mini-series, but it’s been so long since an issue came out, I tend to forget it’s on my pull list.

The Perhapanauts
Men in Black meets The Munsters? Kinda sorta. First issue was fun, and the art’s purty.

Powers Vol 2
I think I still like this series, but I’m not positive anymore. Either way, I’m pretty sure I’m about to switch it to wait for the trade mode.

I like the Jenkins/Ramos combo, but I’m losing interest in this. I’ll finish buying it and then read them straight through.


Added purely on Rich Watson‘s recommendation.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch
In support of, and curiosity about, Tania Del Rio.

Season Of The Witch
Nitz’ Heaven’s Devils was the first Image title I picked up in years (quite possibly ever, since by the time they launched, I was pretty much out of comics) and it was a solid read. This series is, so far, a lot better.

Secret Voice
Even when I haven’t liked something from AdHouse, I’ve usually appreciated it. Quirky and unique as this is, I realy liked it.

Secret War
Shut up. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and I have completist tendencies.

She-Hulk Vol 2
Sampling here, but I may stick around for a while as I like the light-heartedness of it.

Silent Dragon
Andy Diggle rocks my world.

Not particularly loving this one, but it’s only three issues long, so what the hell?

Super Crazy TNT Blast
This was surprisingly fun, though I suspect it will shortly be online only, or at another publisher.

The Surrogates

Got off to a nice start, but I think I’m going to wait til the end to actually read it all.


Sick, but in a good way. (Good meaning entertaining, really.) Anything that includes a cult whose members cut off their heads to follow their hearts has to be good! And, of course, there’s the robot porn.

I loved the Madrox mini-series, and this is effectively its 6th issue.

X-Men And Power Pack
Who just cringed here? Cynical bastards. This is a fun mini-series. Fun. Remember that feeling?

Young Avengers
I admit I was one of those making the Teen Titans jokes, negative comparisons and generally trashing the OC when this was first announced, but Heinberg has totally won me over here. Still not watching the OC, though.

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2 thoughts on “Pull List Review: December 2005 (Part II)

  1. I’m with you, Nat Turner is blowing my mind on about 20 different levels.

    I need to check out this Vaistron. It looks pretty fun, though it probably won’t be very subway reading friendly.

  2. I want to say there’s nothing overtly graphic in Vaistron – not visually, at least – but I might just be blocking the images out of my mind. But yeah, probably not the best comic for public consumption.

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