INFO: Comics Bloggers’ Poll 2005

Did you “create or contribute to a comics blog” in 2005? Then you probably have some pretty strong opinions about what you liked and didn’t like in comics last year, yes? Now you can add your two cents to the discussion in a bit more concentrated way via the Comics Bloggers’ Poll 2005.

The comics blogging community is one of contradictions. Some writers enjoy the sensational excitement of mainstream superheroics, while others prefer the quieter and more varied fare of independent works. Some offer considered, even-handed analysis, while others shoot from the hip and refuse to make apologies for their passions. Some have followed comics for years, and bring the voice of experience to their consideration, while others are relatively new to this culture, and are eager to understand why and how it’s held the interest of so many for so long. Perhaps the one thing that all comics bloggers can agree on is their love for and interest in the subject, and the breadth of entertaining material that can be found in this medium. While we might not always agree what’s good in–and good for–comics, it’s probably safe to say that we’re all eager to identify that quality, and willing to sing its praises when we do.

Voting closes Sunday, January 15th, so don’t delay! If you don’t vote, Grant Morrison wins. 😉

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