COMMENT: Growing Pains

Just a quick update, in lieu of any significant posting this week.

1) Buzzscope is apparently experiencing some growing pains, as our server has been crapping out randomly over the past couple of days. They’re working on getting it fixed, but your ability to access the site in the (very) short-term will be sporadic. Do keep checking, though, as a bunch of good stuff went up in the past two days, including the latest “The Hive”; “Comics You Should Own”; a double dose of “What’s A Nubian?”; and the debut of Jenny Gonzalez’ column, “Peripheral Images”. Good times!

2) On a sorta-related note, let it be known that, when it comes to our editorial coverage, don’t EVER attempt to dictate how I will cover a story, especially when you come to us begging for coverage. Our opinion columnists have free reign to pretty much cover whatever they want, within the scope of their respective columns, but when it’s an editorial feature or news piece, it’s my way or the highway. Take that PR fluff bullshit to another site, because we don’t play that game. Nuff said; don’t ask!

3) Here’s a sneak peek at the two panels I’m moderating at next month’s NY Comic-Con:

Sunday, 2/26 @ 2pm
“Beyond the Capes and Spandex” — Independent Comics Roundtable

Superheroes are the bread and butter of the comics industry, but not every comics fan (or potential fan) is into superheroes. From urban noir and supernatural mysteries to all ages humor and subversive edutainment, there is perhaps a wider variety of genres represented in comic book form then there ever has been. Our roundtable of independent comics creators discusses the variety of comics available today, the difficulties of going against the grain, and the potential for expanding the audience for comics into the mainstream.

Panelists: Ivan Brandon (NYC Mech), Tania Del Rio (Sabrina, the Teenage Witch), Jenny Gonzalez (Too Negative), Neil Kleid (Brownsville), Ken Lillie-Paetz (Elsinore; Monkey In A Wagon vs. Lemur On A Big Wheel), Jose L. Torres (The Hunger), Fred Van Lente (Action Philosphers!), Sean Wang (Runners)

Moderator: Guy LeCharles Gonzalez (Senior Comics Editor, PopCultureShock)

Sunday, 2/26 @ 3pm
“What About the Kids?” — All-Ages Comics Roundtable

Wonder Woman snaps a man’s neck; Spider-Man has an eyeball ripped out and is beaten to death; G.I. Joe deals with real world terrorism and 9/11-style acts of wanton violence… Are these the same characters smiling at kids from the shelves of Toys ‘R Us? Our roundtable of all-ages comics creators and industry figures discusses the apparent maturation of comics content over the years, and what’s being done about reaching the next generation of comics fans.

Panelists: Tania Del Rio (Sabrina, the Teenage Witch), Chris Eliopoulos (Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius), Gerry Gladston (Midtown Comics), Jim Salicrup (PaperCutz)

Moderator: Guy LeCharles Gonzalez (Senior Comics Editor, PopCultureShock)

Mark your calendars now! Hopefully we’re not competing directly with any of the Marvel/DC hypefests I’m assuming will be held that weekend.

4) The real world has been kicking my ass the past couple of weeks and I’ve had almost no free time to get anything other than the essentials done. If I owe you an email, I’m not ignoring you, I’m just swamped! I did read Nextwave #1 last night, though, and it was a lot of fun. Go buy it before it sells out.

6 thoughts on “COMMENT: Growing Pains

  1. I also thought Next Wave #1 was really fun. I’m looking forward to “What About The Kids?”. Hopefully the wife will let me go.

  2. “Take that PR fluff bullshit to another site, because we don’t play that game. “

    Which is why I’m loving Buzzscope lately. Apart from the down time at least.

  3. Erech: Your money’s good here. Not your checks, though.

    Dan: We should get Xia and Sal to be booth babes!

    Shane: So when are you going to add a link to us on your sidebar? 😛

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