COMMENT: Gwen Stacy Revealed!

Bryce Dallas HowardBryce Dallas Howard

Last night (Tuesday) Bryce Dallas Howard appeared on The Tonight Show. She is making the rounds promoting a new film, while sporting the Gwen Stacy hairdo. You can be the judge, but I think it looks pretty good.

6 thoughts on “COMMENT: Gwen Stacy Revealed!

  1. Wow, I caught the tail end of that the other night, and couldnt’t figure out who she was with that awful, awful hair. I get it now.

    Get a redhead to play a blonde, get a blonde to play a redhead, word.

  2. I don’t love her as a blonde – looks too much like she’s impersonating Cameron Diaz – but she’s certainly a better actress than Dunst, so if they pull a switcheroo and bump off Mary Jane, I won’t be too upset.

  3. She may not be playing Gwen. I heard she will be playing another platnium blonde that figures prominently in Spidey’s life.

  4. Felicia Hardy, you mean? That’d be a really funny twist since Dunst, like the blonde hair, also has the boobs for that role.

    I thought I’d read somewhere that Theresa Russell was going to play Felicia, though, and that she was going to be Sandman’s wife? Hopefully that’s BS. I just hope Raimi’s not going overboard and adding too many characters to the cast.

  5. You’re right it is Theresa Russell that’s (supposedly) playing Felicia Hardy. My mistake.

  6. Darn, I was hoping that rumor I heard about Eliza Dushku getting the Felicia Hardy role was on the money.

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