LINK: The X-Men (Vs.) Sneak Preview


The boys over at Metagame have an article up with pictures of the swag available at this weekend’s preview tournament. Everyone gets a side-by-side stacker of Colossus and Wolverine doing the fastball special. Playmats, deck tins, and T-Shirts are random door prizes. The extended art Snikt! card is for top players in the tournaments.

stackcolossus stackwolverine

I’ve been to three sneak previews and each one was better than the previous. It’s a great place to refine your knowledge of the game. You get 5 packs to build a 30-card deck, and you’re on your way! Generally, seasoned players are really helpful to newbies, so don’t be intimidated and just go!

One thought on “LINK: The X-Men (Vs.) Sneak Preview

  1. It just occured to me that this is really poor scheduling, having this on what is effectively Valentine’s Day weekend. I wanted to check this preview out, but we’ve got plans. (Assuming the snowstorm doesn’t short-circuit everything!)

    Like last year’s Free Comic Book Day falling on Mother’s Day weekend, it’s really shortsighted in limiting its potential reach to adolescent males without girlfriends, aka, the stereotype.

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