QUESTION: If you had $20…

Last week I hit the century mark at Midtown Comics, and have a $20 rebate coming to me. It’s a personal tradition that every rebate be used toward the purchase of a trade. So what should be my next purchase? The last one I picked up was Superman: Birthright, and it was a winner. So are there any suggestions from the dedicated readers of CBC? Any Marvel or DC trade is fair game.

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4 thoughts on “QUESTION: If you had $20…

  1. I just picked up Legion Of Super-Heroes: Teenage Revolution last week. I really enjoyed it – more than I thought I would. Kitson’s great, and I forgot just how good Mark Waid can be when he’s really tryin’.

  2. I’d go for either of the first two Runaways trades. Or if you have them already, Walking Dead?

  3. A coworker of mine talked me into buying Batman: The Long Halloween. I asked his help in picking up a trade and he mentioned that TLH and Dark Victory go hand in hand. I own Dark Victory and the completest in me pushed me to buy TLH. Thanks for the suggestions. Here are a few other that were given to me that caught my eye.

    The Inhumans by Paul Jenkins 2000
    Young Avengers by Allan Heinberg 2005
    Fables Vol. 1 by Bill Willingham

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