LINK: Moench and Huston talk Moon Knight

It’s like one of the best Marvel Team-Ups ever, and I’m totally jealous that ComicFoundry got it instead of me:


There’s a lot of great back-and-forth between the two of them, and Moench provides some interesting background on the original Moon Knight series, including sales figures from its canary-in-the-coal-mine shift to a direct market-only series, and insight into Bill Sienkiewicz’ development from a Neal Adams clone to the signature style he’s known for today. The conversation kicks off with a really awkward moment that reflects really badly on Marvel:

MOENCH: You know what? I got a phone call yesterday from a guy who was saying he was just in a comic shop and he saw one of those giant black-and-white phone books, “The Essential Moon Knight.” Do you guys know about that?

HUSTON: I’ve got it right here, man.

MOENCH: You’re kidding.


MOENCH: When did that come out?

HUSTON: January or February.

MOENCH: They didn’t send me a copy!

HUSTON: They didn’t send me a copy either. I had to go down and pay for it myself as well. They don’t send shit, man.

MOENCH: Oh, the sent me copies of “the Essential Ghost Rider,” for christ’s sake. C’mon.

C’mon, indeed! That’s really lame. I’m just thankful it’s Huston penning the new series and not Bendis or, god forbid, Millar. It’d be amazing to see Moench do an Annual, especially if they got Sienkiewicz to draw it, though I wouldn’t hold my breath. I mean, not sending him a copy of Essential Moon Knight? Makes me wonder how royalties work on those things…

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