LINK: Pull List Propaganda

My new review column, Pull List Propaganda, launches today over at PopCultureShock, wherein I review: Infinite Crisis #6, New Avengers: Illuminati, Moon Knight #1, The New Teen Titans #34, Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #23-24, Supermarket #1-2, La Perdida, Mouse Guard #1, Robotíka #1-2, Super Real #1-2, The Last Island, and The Hunger #1-2.

I think Jon’s still working on adding the images, but it’s already up and accessible, and since I’m on vacation and heading out to the Mets game tonight to see Pedro win his 200th game and the beginning of the end of the Atlanta Braves’ death grip on the NL East, I’m posting the link a little early. Check it out and leave me some comments.

Go Mets!

2 thoughts on “LINK: Pull List Propaganda

  1. I’m not sure someone with a clear mental illness (being a Mets fan) should be reviewing such serious media as my funnybooks. 🙂
    PS, let us know if they play Enter Sandman at the game.

  2. Yes, Enter Sandman blared from the speakers as Wagner made his way in from the bullpen at the top of the 9th and proceeded to slam the door shut on the Braves. Somebody tell Mariano there’s a new sheriff in town!

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