Pedro & Us; plus, Good News Coming?

I’ve been off since last Thursday and am returning to work tomorrow, wisely taking an extra day to recover with a day all to myself. Yesterday morning, Salomé and I both headed in to our respective jobs to get some paperwork we needed for the “Dream. Apartment.” application. Since Isaac had a podiatrist appointment that she was taking him to in the afternoon — poor kid’s inherited my flat feet, possibly even worse than mine — she took him with her while I dropped India off at school on my way in. While I was at work, I received an email from the Mets promoting last night’s game, with Pedro Martinez going for his 200th win in their first matchup of the season against the Braves, and decided Isaac and I just had to go to the game! Scored some decent Upper Box tickets on the 3rd base side, a few sections over from where we sat on Saturday, and then Googled free WiFi spots in the City and ended up chilling in Bryant Park for an hour or so before heading home.

The game was great — though cold and windy as hell throughout –as Pedro was much more crafty than dominant, Nady and Delgado popped the big apple in center field with home runs, and Billy Wagner sent the crowd into a frenzy when he entered the game in the ninth inning with Enter Sandman blasting from the speakers. It’s the specific situation he was brought in for, to close the Braves out, and he pitched a perfect inning to seal the deal and send us all home happy and optimistic that this really is “The Team. The Time.”

In other news, today’s horoscope cuts very close to home:

LEO: Keep your cell phone charged and check your email often today. You’re likely to receive good news about your career or a financial matter. A friend may give you a heads-up on a job opening, or you may hear that a mortgage or loan you’ve applied for was approved. Your luck today may seem tandom, but if you think about it, you’ll realize it is the result of your recent good work.

Papa likes!

3 thoughts on “Pedro & Us; plus, Good News Coming?

  1. Never thought I’d hear the phrase “moving to Manhattan” coming from you. 😉 All the same, I hope you get the apartment!

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