LINK: Read The Expatriate for Free!

One of several great comics Image publishes that’s been hobbled by sporadic and late-shipping issues, The Expatriate is definitely one of my favorites. Check out my review of the second issue, and then hit artist Jason Latour’s blog for daily doses of the first four issues…for FREE!!!

Why? Let LaTour explain it:

Just for the simple fact that we can. Because we made this thing with love and sweat and tears and balls the size of Jupiter…. and we don’t think enough of you are reading it. (See we’re not completely made of gold, we have ulterior motives :))

We want you to read it. We want you to give it a shot all the way through. And if you enjoy it, we want you to tell people. And if you really enjoy it we want you to buy the last two issues that will be coming along sometime in the next few months. And if you really, really enjoy it we want you to hunt down the back issues… and demand a big fat awesome trade with tons of shit in it, hell name your dog Jack Dexter and your first born Conrad. I think you get the point.

You’ve got no excuse now. It’s going to be out there for you and all thats stopping you is the click of a button. Easier than hitting that button with the burger on it at work. A few pages a day, every weekday for the next couple of months, slowly at first and more at a time as we get closer to the next issue. Just keep reading, because where you think it’s headed… it’s not.

Along the way I’ll probably throw in some commentary about it. Maybe some extras, DVD style. We’ll see how it goes.

I don’t have a dog, but if I did, I’d consider naming him Jack Dexter because The Expatriate is good comics. So instead, I’m like a low-level crack dealer hitting you off with a lead on a freebie and a clear warning that this is some good shit. Really good.

You’ll be curious by the end of the first issue, hooked by the second, and sent for a total loop by the fourth. And that’s a money back guarantee! 😉

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2 thoughts on “LINK: Read The Expatriate for Free!

  1. Doesn’t do those of us who bought the first four issues a whole hell of a lot of good, does it? Does it???? He should get to work on the fifth issue, because you’re right – this is a good title. What’s up with Moore and excruciatingly slow work?

  2. LOL! Yeah, it’s weird that one writer can have so many delayed projects. Bad luck with artists, or something more sinister…?

    Still, it’s a good enough series that I’ll keep it on my pull list for whenever it does finally reappear, especially since Latour makes it sound like a TPB is not a done deal.

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