LINK: Hellboy Vs. Gotham Knights?


CARLSBAD, Ca. — May 10, 2006 — The comic industry’s “Greatest Paranormal Investigator” makes his trading card game debut as Upper Deck Entertainment (UDE) — in association with Dark Horse Comics — today announces plans to add Hellboy to UDE’s Vs. System superhero portfolio. Based on Mike Mignola’s (“Gotham by Gaslight”) best-selling comic book mini-series “Hellboy,” the set will premiere as the first release of UDE’s new Essential Collection, which features highly competitive decks themed around some of today’s most notable comic icons.

The new Hellboy-themed Essential Collection will be available on store shelves in Spring 2007.

Very interesting. With Legion of Superheroes and Marvel’s cosmic characters coming up next, UDE’s going to have to dip into the indie world to keep things fresh. Wonder what other non-Big Two characters could be added to the Vs. lineup, though? There aren’t too many properties out there that are both popular enough and have large enough casts of characters to stand with the big boys while not so large that they could theoretically support their own system, like the upcoming Conan CCG and the apparently defunct G.I. Joe TCG.

Imagine Scott Pilgrim and friends going toe-to-toe with the Villains United squad?

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