ON THE WEB: Spider-Man

This is by far the best edition of On the Web. Below you’ll find the first episode of the Japanese live action Spider-Man TV show. The opening credits are incredibly good. In fact it’s hilarious! I have two favorite parts during the show open. The first being the amazing use of freeze frames, and the second is….. Oh I shouldn’t spoil it. I beg you to be patient and download the whole show. There are many funny scenes. All you have to do is scan through the episode once it’s fully downloaded. I promise you that toward the end of the episode there is the best costume change in history! If you don’t have the patience, at the very least watch the show open.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, wow! Yeah, yeah, yeah, wow!

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One thought on “ON THE WEB: Spider-Man

  1. I’m not really seeing this. Please tell me this is some sort of lucid hallucination. I think this just broke my brain.

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