Rolling With the Punches

That’s pretty much my rule of thumb when it comes to life in general: roll with the punches and wait for an opening to land your own, and when you do, make it a good one. Sometimes, though, life delivers a vicious flurry and you just need put up your dukes and start hitting back or you’ll get knocked out.

I’m developing a plan for the rest of the year that will culminate in my not only participating in NaNoWriMo this year, but going into January 2007 with a completed manuscript ready for submission. To where, I have no idea, but first things first, yes?

Two good things to relieve stress: a game of softball (preferably one you win), and post-game Two Boots pizza with a cold bottle of Magic Hat #9.


EDIT: Coincidentally, I’m wearing #9 this season, representing my all-time favorite Yankee, Graig Nettles. Didn’t make the connection when I first posted this!

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