Omar’s Random Thoughts: Wonder Woman & Metamorpho

Goddamn. Someone should write a review about Wonder Woman volume 3 number 1. That was a good read. Inner Fanboy enjoyed it very much.

That fanboy zeal, of course, makes me worried that it’s totally inaccessible to a new reader. Does Wonder Woman get new readers that don’t know a lot about her to begin with?


Does anyone else think it’s funny that so many of us nerds were imprinted with Lynda Carter being the ideal woman? I mean, she was wearing an adult diaper.


The other day, I was standing around thinking, “Do I know enough about Metamorpho?! Do I?!” I certainly don’t.

Showcase Presents: Metamorpho, Vol. 1 (Showcase Presents Metamorpho) boasts 500 pages of Metamorpho. It’s time to start educating!

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