Call me muy lame-o!

So, I’m in Boston with a free night, an expense account and my first appointment tomorrow not until 10am and a mere three blocks away from my hotel and I…

1) Walked 5 blocks over to Faneuil Hall and had dinner at a divey Mexican restaurant I could afford on my own;

2) Rushed back to my room to catch Grey’s Anatomy.

I am a disgrace to the sales profession!

Earlier in the day, I got lost several times while navigating via Hertz’ NeverLost GPS, which tends to not work well when it can’t pick up its signal, like when you’re underground, or say, when you’re driving through parts of Boston that happen to be — wait for it — underground. The name, “NeverLost”, is a smart bit of literal marketing, as you will never truly get lost while using it, but you will often find yourself backtracking for missed turns, or worse, driving a few miles further out of your way while it recalculates your route when its directions don’t account for detours.

Fun times!

All three appointments were productive, both for potential business and for my own comfort level with the job. I still have days, many of them, when I question my decision to move over to sales, so much of it hinging on a part of my personality that takes a lot of effort to bring to the fore. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not really a people person; generally speaking, I prefer alone time to hanging out with other people. Unless there’s alcohol involved, in which case, it’s the exact opposite.

And yet, with a rather lively bar right downstairs, here I am sitting in my hotel room, just having finished watching Grey’s Anatomy, blogging about nothing.

C’est la vie.

Two more appointments tomorrow, a bunch of proposals to put together before Thanksgiving, and the slowly growing sense that this job is going to work out all right. I think…


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