Blogaround Challenge 2007 "Winners"

Well, damn! Who knew giving away FREE comics would be harder than selling gas-guzzling SUVs when gas prices are $2/gallon and rising?!?!

I was corresponding with a fellow blogger recently, one who’s been around since the Usenet days, and she noted how the Comics Blog Boom of the past couple of years seems to have faded a bit. It used to annoy me when I’d read self-proclaimed 1.0 bloggers reminiscing about the “good old days” when, as I understand it, Journalista! and the Warren Ellis Forum were the focal point that ultimately birthed the Blogiverse.

Since I started blogging about comics back in late-2004, I’ve seen some great blogs come and go, and the number of new ones still seem to be spawning at an exponential rate. It seems that lasting more than a year is a badge of honor; more than two, an increasing rarity.

Anyway, before this rambles off into a post about something other than originally intended, I want to congratulate the two winners of our Massive Archaia, Viper & Spider-Man Giveaway: A Trout in the Milk‘s Plok and Kleefeld on Comics‘ Sean Kleefeld.

They also happened to be the only two entrants — which sucks since part of the reason for the contest was to generate some cross-blog pollination in the hopes that we might all discover a new blog we hadn’t come across before. Maybe it was too much to ask for a nice batch of free comics? Ah, well; plans, mice and men, c’est la vie, and all that!

Despite his being from North of the Border, I’ll give Plok first pick for which of the three prize packets he wants, and then Kleefeld can pick from the remaining two. Depending on which one neither of them pick, I may come up with another (simpler?) giveaway or just donate them to the library or something.

Plok & Sean, leave your respective choices here as a comment and then email me your mailing addresses to glecharles at gmail dot com. I’ll get the books out within the next week or so. Congratulations and thanks for playing!

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4 thoughts on “Blogaround Challenge 2007 "Winners"

  1. For what it’s worth, I often have a lot of trouble getting responses on… well, anything. My blog, message boards… I just have a tendency to write stuff people just don’t want to respond to.

    I’m not sure why you didn’t get more responses to this. I thought it was a great idea, and I had a lot of fun working on it.

    And as far as prize packets are concerned, either #1 or #2 sounded equally cool, so whichever one plok doesn’t want would be great as far as I’m concerned.

    I wouldn’t let the lack of responses deter you, though. I’m looking forward to reading more stuff here, and you’re Marketing Mondays sound especially interesting. Thanks for holding the contest and thanks for letting plok and I win despite a bit of rule-bending on our parts. 🙂

  2. D’oh! I meant to do this, but I’ve been so swamped! Damn! I’ll do just about anything for free things. 🙂

  3. Yeah, I don’t understand it either: isn’t this sort of blogaround usually pretty popular, even without free comics?

    Speaking of which, I’ll choose #1, and thank you! Haven’t read Mouse Guard yet, so it’ll be great to jump on board.

  4. Plok #1, Sean #2: Please email your postal addresses to me at glecharles at gmail dot com.

    Loren: Free comics aside, there’s no reason to not still go ahead and take the challenge!

    PS, to Sean: “I just have a tendency to write stuff people just don’t want to respond to.” LOL! It can feel that way sometimes, can’t it? I don’t mind it so much on regular posts but I did hope the community hook for the contest would have encouraged more participation. Still, at least you guys jumped in, we all tipped each other off to a couple of new blogs, and you both get to enjoy some good comics! Thanks again.

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