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In an effort to streamline the “Hey, let’s go have a drink tonight!” process, I’ve created the Spontaneous Drinking Network(TM), a group of friends’ cell phone numbers in my address book to whom I can send a text message whenever I’m in the mood for a drink with others who have demonstrated the ability to handle their liquor with aplomb, with the time and location where I intend to do battle with Mr. John Barleycorn and would like them to accompany me.

ie: SDN: Trailer Park Lounge, 271 W 23rd St @ 6pm

Like the Bat Signal, this alert could come at anytime, but unlike the Bat Signal, it is relatively non-binding. If they can make it, cool, I’ll see them there; if not, I’ll see them next time. Either way, I’m getting my drink on, because some days are just like that.

All of my best drinking friends are spread out across the City, especially since several of us have changed jobs recently, and I’d like to desegregate my “work” friends and my “poetry” friends as I don’t see the latter nearly often enough these days, and I don’t want my usual “out of sight, out of mind” thing to happen with the former now that they’re technically no longer “work” friends, just friends I happened to meet at past jobs. Text messaging is a much simpler method than the usual 57 emails back and forth to see who can hang out and where everyone wants to go and next thing you know, you’re at the default place with the lousy beer selection and no jukebox!

In fact, now that I think about it, some liquor company totally needs to give me an endorsement deal, a la the “Wazzup?!” guys for this.

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