Grey’s Anatomy, Comics and Girls…Oh my!

It’s a perfect (if somewhat rambling) storm featuring three of my favorite pasttimes!

I Know What Boys Like

I’m a big fan of Grey’s Anatomy, and while it can arguably be categorized as being the epitome of “chick TV”, I highly doubt it would be the ratings smash it is if it didn’t have a similar, if not necessarily equal, appeal to men. ABC didn’t give it the premium post-Super Bowl spotlight last year — when it finally caught my attention and immediately seized it — to attract more women, and they were rewarded for their gamble with a ratings boost that saw the show not only outdraw its [at the time] monster hit lead-in, Desperate Housewives, but saw its ratings increase even more after being moved to the highly competitive Thursday nights for its third season.

Grey’s success is attributable to an enviable mix of being a well-produced, critically acclaimed dramedy that boasts a talented and diverse cast; a balanced approach by its writers that delivers character-centric drama that let’s that cast shine, with the inevitable sweeps month “event” story arcs that remember to move those characters forward in believable ways; plus, savvy marketing efforts on the part of ABC that include immediate repeat viewings on Friday nights as well as a strong internet presence.

Are there guys who won’t watch it because it’s perceived as a “chick show”? Sure. (But they’re missing out, not just on the show itself, but on a life lived on one’s own terms.) And there’s plenty of women who won’t waste an hour of their time watching it, either.

C’est la vie! As they say, “It takes, Diff’rent Strokes to move the world.”

What does this have to do with comics, though? Everything, actually.

Go, read, comment! 🙂

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