Objectivity is for cowards…

Keith Olbermann on Bush, Cheney: “Which is the ventriloquist and which is the dummy is now irrelevant.”

As cable news talking heads go, Olbermann’s always been one of the more interesting ones, but in a time where the Daily Show typically offers the most incisive news coverage on TV, his “Special Comment” here is a refreshingly impassioned but level-headed statement that is as much a call for Bush and Cheney to resign as it is a “wake the fuck up, people” call to Americans of all political persuasions, including the apolitical.

Objective journalism is easy, something the right-wing figured out a long time ago, and these days it’s the coward’s path. Most politicians walk a similarly safe cowardly path, so it will be interesting to see if Clinton, Obama or whomever step up to the plate and drive Olbermann’s point home.

Frankly, my money’s on Bloomberg if/when he decides to jump in the race.

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