Belated Jack-O-Lantern

Isaac and I finally got around to carving the pumpkin he picked a few weeks ago during India’s birthday picnic party, using a cheapo carving kit we bought that included templates. He picked one of the more difficult choices but I was up for the challenge since it was the first time we were carving instead of painting a pumpkin together. I cut the top off and then he scooped out the majority of the insides before I finished it off and started carving away.

I totally get how woodworking must be a very therapeutic hobby because I was completely focused on what I was doing and it was a very “moment of zen”, er… moment.

The picture is via my camera phone but the graininess actually adds to the creepy factor, I think. It’s sitting atop the TV cabinet in the living room right now — directly in front of the kids’ room’s door — but I’m tempted to move it onto Salomé’s desk so she sees it when she walks in later! I don’t want to get punched in my sleep, though, so I’ll probably just leave it where it is and blow it out. 🙂

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