Are You a Bad Monkey?

Are You a Bad Monkey?

Well, are you?

Matt Ruff has written three of my favorite books, including one of my all-time favorites, Fool on the Hill. One of the coolest birthday presents I ever received was a signed copy of his Sewer, Gas and Electric [Whoops!] Fool — Salomé actually mailed my dog-earred copy to him and he signed it and mailed it back!

I’m a terrible fan, though, as I didn’t realize his latest book, Bad Monkeys had been released yet. It’s now on my wish list and I’ll be ordering it this weekend. You should do the same!

Side note: His website desperately needs a redesign and it’s taking every little bit of restraint I have to not offer to do it for him! I don’t have the time, at all, but it certainly would fit right into my To Do List for 2008.

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