Olbermann on Ferraro


“This is not a campaign strategy, this is a suicide pact.”


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3 thoughts on “Olbermann on Ferraro

  1. Man, I am this close to becoming a conservative as it is. Every time I get excited about a Democrat, bullshit like this springs up and I realize they’re all the same anyway. I’m gonna stop voting because ultimately, what does it matter?

  2. It’s striking how personally he takes this one. Generally, he seems to be a crusader, but something in what he prefaces his comment with, coupled with this little impassioned fist-bang on the table makes me think he’s actually a Clinton fan. Perhaps only for when she and hers had his back (I’m missing the backstory on this) but he seems genuinely like this is about more than just holding all parties to higher standards. He sounds like he’s talking to his big sister.

  3. @Adan: No matter which Dem you support, as recently as a couple of weeks ago there was the sense that the Party finally had its shit together and was poised to sweep across the country in November. Even my wife, about as apolitical as you can get, was excited about casting her first vote and finally registered. That tingly feeling is quickly fading, though.

    @Adam: I think that’s what made it so compelling. It wasn’t a partisan attack but an emotional intervention by a friend generally concerned for her well-being.

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