Poetry: Where Your Vote Really Counts

Tired of the never-ending Democratic Primary and annoyed that, in the end, your vote might not really count anyway if the Super Delegates opt to nominate the candidate not in the lead when all is said and done?

As in many other aspects of life, poetry offers a much-needed alternative.

Blogsboro.com is running an election for the Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere and Tony Brown, a good friend and worthy candidate, is currently leading the race by a narrow margin over someone named Rob McClennan whom, in the spirit of Presidential elections, I know nothing about and won’t bother to research.

Tony’s platform is sound — limiting political poems to haiku length is brilliant, even if I will be negatively affected, but I strongly disagree with the Pantoum’s profile being raised to a Cabinet-level form — and I have no doubt that he will bring about the much-needed change the Poetry Blogosphere needs, leading by example and leveraging the full power the position’s bully pulpit will offer.

If platforms and policies are too much detail for you, and you’re more of the superficial, sound bite-driven kind of voter (aka, the average American), Tony has you covered, too, with a campaign slogan that appeals to the optimistic and bitter alike:

“Tony Brown. My phone is off at 3 AM…what the hell could be so important at 3 AM anyway? I’m a fucking poet, dammit. I can’t save the fucking world. Call me after noon.”

If only our politicans were as refreshingly candid as Tony, the world would instantly be a better place.

Until then, there’s poetry and the blogosphere to help keep us sane. Vote early, vote often!

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