Spindle Update: Scheduling Delays

If you’re one of Spindle‘s obsessive readers who’s figured out our update schedule and checks in every second Tuesday for new content, you’ve probably noticed our schedule has been slipping a bit the past couple of months.  Thankfully, it’s not for lack of content, as the submissions continue to come in at a steady pace and many of them are pretty good!*

Truth is, I started a new job about two months ago and it has completely swallowed up the little bit of free time I used to have to keep Spindle on its intended monthly schedule.  Plus, I’m coaching my son’s Little League team AND Salomé just wrapped up her Master’s Degree AND we just bought our first house, so Spindle-time has been virtually non-existent since the beginning of March.

No worries about the fun coming to a premature end, though, as I expect to be back on a regular schedule shortly, and will post mini-updates sporadically whenever I’m able to until I do get back on schedule. I’m particularly excited about the upcoming debut of our newest column, “GSNY”, by Gabrielle Sierra, who has a great voice and some very interesting stories to tell.

NOTE: Any recent contributors reading this, our response time has moved up to 3-5 weeks from receipt and I am way past the 5-week limit on a number of contributions and queries.  My apologies; I will make every attempt to get back on track ASAP. Thanks!

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