Going Local

Going Local, originally uploaded by bloomfieldguy.

I picked up the local paper, The Star-Ledger, today instead of the Daily News for the first time. While I prefer the tabloid format over broadsheet, esp. on the train, I want to have a better appreciation for what’s going on in and around my new hometown. The Essex County section’s feature on the Family Day Nursery’s new learning garden was exactly the kind of local story I love to read about, but the quality and focus of their sports coverage will ultimately dictate whether or not it supplants the News as my morning read.

Steve Politi’s column on the All-Star game was a nice ode to the House that Ruth Jackson, Nettles, Randolph and Dent Built — in whose shadow I grew up during the 70s — and reminded me how much it will always remain a special place for me, despite my being a die-hard Mets fans since the early 80s. I’m catching a game at Shea next week, probably my last before it’s demolished at the end of the season (unless the stars align and I get another shot at the playoff tickets that went up in smoke last September) but I really want to catch one more game at Yankee Stadium before it disappears forever.

Will I ever be that attached to anything here in Jersey, other than my own house?

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