Cruising the Center

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The Bloomfield Center Alliance sponsors two events in the summer that nicely represent one of the more appealing differences between living in the sortaburbs and living in the City: Cruise Night and the Farmer’s Market. While a Farmer’s Market isn’t terribly unique — I haven’t visited yet, but after walking through Venner “Park” last night, I don’t imagine ours is terribly big — the central location of both events makes for a nice community-building opportunity in a relatively small town like Bloomfield.

If it were about 5 degrees cooler when we headed uptown for Cruise Night last night, we would have walked there, but instead we drove — those carbon offsets alleviating a bit of the guilt — parked on the south end of the Glenwood/Broad Street intersection, and walked the two block stretch of classic (and not-so-classic) cars on display. There were approx. 25 cars there and at least as many people milling around them, checking them out and talking to their owners.

There was a bit of randomness to the assortment of cars, including legitimate classics with historic license plates acknowledging the fact; interesting older cars that were preserved relatively well but clearly owned for driving not just showing off; and, inexplicably, a couple of brand new cars the owners were presumably just showing off, like a shiny Escalade (I think) that showed up as we finished passing through.

I took pictures of some of our favorites, including the classic Chevy above, which reminded me of Stephen King’s Christine and one of the most randomly souped-up Ford Pintos I’ve ever seen. There was a beautiful blue Mustang there, too — the exterior, at least; the interior had some random upgrades — which was for sale, and both Bloomfieldwife and I looked at it rather wistfully. (NOTE: That’s not us in the picture!)

The true classics were impressive, though the realization that cars from the early 70s are now considered classics and my first car was a 1978 Pontiac Sunbird (V6, rear-wheel drive; I loved it!) made me feel kind of old!

Afterwards, we circled around to Venner Park, hung out by the fountain for a bit while enjoying the cooling weather and an impromptu family night out and about, and while heading back to the car, I had a pretty good beef patty from Dev’s Jamaican Cuisine, which seems like the kind of low-key family owned restaurant that serves good food but has maddeningly casual customer service. I plan to stop in again soon, though, and try some of their other dishes because good Jamaican food is hard to find.

So far, so good, Bloomfield. Keep it up!

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