Spindle Update: We’re Back!

Spindle Magazine: A New York State of Mind
Spindle Magazine: A New York State of Mind

Can you believe Spindle “officially” launched just over a year ago?  Or that it has been 9 long months since we had a full update?!?

Of course you do because you’ve been anxiously refreshing the home page ever since, or triple-checking your favorite RSS reader in a desperate attempt to make some fresh new NYC-flavored literary content appear at spindlezine.com.

Oh, what? That was just me?

Well, anyway, MY wish has finally been granted as Spindle is finally returning with some great new poetry from the likes of Amanda Halkiotis, Lynn Patmalnee and Jon Sands, plus a new photo gallery from David King, and an inspiring (and timely!) essay from Peggy Landsman entitled “The Community Chorus”.
Head on over to spindlezine.com and check them out, and then poke around a bit and get reacquainted with the site.  We’ll be back soon with some more great content and promise not to disappear for so long again.

Also, don’t forget to leave comments for anything you especially enjoy and share your favorites on Facebook, Stumbleupon or whichever social network you’re using. Also, if you register on the site (it’s free) you can even bookmark specific articles as favorites!

Thanks for the support!

PS: You can also keep in touch with Spindle via these other two methods: our Facebook group and our RSS feed.

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