My Next Tattoo?

Boba Fett

The 100 Greatest Movie Characters | Empire | 79. Boba Fett

“Before his back story was rewritten, Boba Fett was the coolest thing in the Star Wars universe that wasn’t played by Harrison Ford.”

I’ve been trying to decide what my next tattoo would be for about 3-4 years, and have wavered between text and image.

I recently saw a very cool tattoo of Boba Fett, my favorite character in Star Wars, and easily one of my Top 10 favorite characters ever. Pop culture tattoos can be really corny, though; plus, the one I saw was likely no less than $300 and several hours of work.

More obscure would be the image from the original paperback release of Matt Ruff’s Fool on the Hill, which remains one of my favorite novels ever.

I’ve also seen cool text-based tattoos, but words speak louder than pictures in my world, so permanently inking some into my skin is an even bigger decision than an image would be.

The there’s the question of location. With both upper arms taken (they were featured a while back on Tattoo Tuesday), I’m not even sure where I’d want to put a third.

The procrastination continues…

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