What’s Next? So many questions.

As F+W’s bankruptcy process winds down and the fate of Writer’s Digest becomes clearer over the next several weeks, I’ve had to put some serious thought into what my next move might look like as there are no guarantees I’ll move forward with the brand, and I have one kid already in college and another on the verge.

  • Is there another media brand or community I’m particularly passionate about that needs help with marketing, audience development, and/or content strategy?
  • Is it time to take my marketing skills to other industries where media is a strategic initiative rather than the business itself?
  • Has marketing become so irreparably fragmented that I should I narrow my focus to a specific silo like SEO, email, or social and hope someone in the C-suite is minding the big picture?
  • Have I finally hit the point where I’m better off going into strategic consulting?

That last question is one I’ve wrestled with several times since leaving Library Journal back in 2015 after a 4.5-year run in one of my all-time favorite roles, working with an amazing team.

To be honest, my experience with consultants over the years has been mostly negative. Overpriced pundits promising more than they’ve ever actually delivered for anyone, who often knew less than the staff they were brought in to advise, offering templated solutions to complex problems, inevitably leaving behind incomplete work and unsatisfied clients. But I’ve also worked with a few amazing ones who not only delivered effective, customized solutions, they also left the staff they engaged with smarter and better equipped to implement and iterate on those solutions without them.

One thing most of them had in common, good or bad? They left me feeling like it was something I could probably do well—in the right setting—because at its core, consulting speaks to my primary strengths and has been a key component of every role I’ve had: strategic thinking, identifying problems, developing and implementing effective solutions, all while leading a collaborative effort.

Although I’m not quite ready to make that jump today, I am ready to explore the possibilities, so I’ve set up a page outlining what that might look like here under Services Free Verse Media.

For the next few weeks, I’m willing to take on a handful of introductory meetings with anyone who’s trying to engage audiences across multiple platforms more effectively—in alignment with specific business goals and key performance metrics. Just fill out the contact form there, give me some idea of what you’re working on, and we can schedule a free 30-minute conversation about your audience and your goals to see if I might be able to help you.

If you’ve ever wanted to pick my brain but didn’t know how to approach it, now’s the time!

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

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