6Qs: Tobias Buckell, Traversing Publishing’s Diverse Fantastic

In the beginning, when I was trying to sell my first novel, I had a weird experience of editors really wanting me to write, sort of magic realism set in the Caribbean, or about recent immigrants with a magical ability (I've had two editors actually give me that logline and ask if I'd be interested in writing that story, but it's just not there for me, I've got other stories still to tell). There was a strong sense that, hey, this is how you can be marketed as a Caribbean novelist.

6Qs: Richard Eoin Nash, Social Publisher

"Basically, the best-selling five hundred books each year will likely be published much like Little Brown publishes James Patterson, on a TV production model, or like Scholastic did Harry Potter and Doubleday Dan Brown, on a big Hollywood blockbuster model. The rest will be published by niche social publishing communities." --About Richard Eoin Nash Richard … Continue reading 6Qs: Richard Eoin Nash, Social Publisher

6Qs: Maria Schneider, Editor Unleashed

"I don’t know if there’s any light at the end of the tunnel for publishers, but I think the future for writers is bright." --Maria Schneider, Editor Unleashed I had the pleasure of working with the Editor Unleashed herself, Maria Schneider, for about 18 months, back when we were both with Writer's Digest -- as Editor … Continue reading 6Qs: Maria Schneider, Editor Unleashed