LINK: Defending Ronée

My official statement on the whole Ronée + Soma/Brownstein affair went up on PCS earlier this week, and reaction so far has been mostly what I'd hoped: muted and, I daresay, somewhat chastened. Official Statement on "What A Girl Wants" Controversy Based on my own internal investigation of the information Ms. Bourgeois had available before … Continue reading LINK: Defending Ronée

LINK: It’s Good to Have Influential Friends

When the wagons start circling, they don't waste any time in firing up the Howitzer, do they? Heidi MacDonald, a highly respected blogger who's known Charles Brownstein since he was 15 years old, has now set her sights on Buzzscope and me: The buzz on BUZZSCOPE Folks, I think it's time to cut Buzzscope loose. … Continue reading LINK: It’s Good to Have Influential Friends

LINK: TCJ Breaks Taki Soma Story

Sex Scandal Involving CBLDF's Charles Brownstein Leads to Women's Empowerment Fund Some the Journal spoke with referred to the multiple perspectives on the events of the evening in question as a kind of Rashomon scenario, but in fact, the accounts the Journal has heard are much more compatible with one another than they are divergent. … Continue reading LINK: TCJ Breaks Taki Soma Story

COMMENT: Forest, Trees and Taki Soma

Things that are pissing me off right about now: 1) Tom Spurgeon's unnecessarily snarky and ill-informed commentary yesterday, which includes an ill-timed reference to old rumors about Friends of Lulu, and barely a cursory mention of the actual situation which precipitated the creation of the Empowerment Fund. 2) Heidi MacDonald's total lack of reference to … Continue reading COMMENT: Forest, Trees and Taki Soma

LINK: Sexual Assault Follow-up

Ronée Garcia Bourgeois follows up on her story from a few months back about a sexual assault at a comics convention that led to some serious behind-the-scenes dustups that found us fighting off complaints of libel from one innocent bystander; the guilty successfully hiding behind a ill-conceived bigger (but in actuality, significantly smaller) picture; and … Continue reading LINK: Sexual Assault Follow-up