INTERVIEW: Charlie Huston & Moon Knight | PCS Flashback

Back in 2005, I spent two hours over cold beers talking with Charlie Huston about Moon Knight and the pressure of living up to the hype surrounding his relaunch; what “decompression” and “9-out-of-10 of those single issues sucked!” have in common; and what Doug Moench and Steve Gerber don’t have in common. The resulting interview, originally published at Buzzscope, is my favorite ever.

6Qs: Tobias Buckell, Traversing Publishing’s Diverse Fantastic

In the beginning, when I was trying to sell my first novel, I had a weird experience of editors really wanting me to write, sort of magic realism set in the Caribbean, or about recent immigrants with a magical ability (I've had two editors actually give me that logline and ask if I'd be interested in writing that story, but it's just not there for me, I've got other stories still to tell). There was a strong sense that, hey, this is how you can be marketed as a Caribbean novelist.

“Weird and Wonderful”? Me, on the Future of Publishing

The above tweet led to a fun interview over the at the Book View Cafe blog, "Weird and Wonderful: Digital Book World and Guy LeCharles Gonzalez," with author Sue Lange asking me some interesting questions that really made me think hard to solidify some of my ideas about the "Future of Publishing" and what it means for … Continue reading “Weird and Wonderful”? Me, on the Future of Publishing