LINK: Making Comics Better

Jason Rodriguez is a man on a mission. Realizing talking about comics doesn't make them better, he's taking action on two different fronts.1) The Hive: A collaborative brainstorming project to create new markets for comics.Yeah, in a way, it's "talking" about comics, but instead of the usual message board whining and gnashing of teeth, Jason's … Continue reading LINK: Making Comics Better

Buzzscope Comics: Best of 2005

What’s good? What’s worth the money? What will leave you satisfied when it’s done, and not wishing you’d bought a copy of Entertainment Weekly, or rented Batman Begins instead? Fear not, loyal reader, because we here at Buzzscope have read way more comic books this year than, say, Andrew Arnold – plus, we don’t self-consciously spell comics with an annoyingly pretentious “x” – slogging through some of the worst comics to hit the shelves, in order to bring you the Best Comics of 2005.

COMMENT: On 2006, and Some Greatest Hits

Personally, 2005 has been a pretty damn good year, from a comics perspective. CBC's barely a year old, quickly evolving from being a total lark to something central to reformatting my writing chops post-poetry slam era. (Not surprisingly, the activist angle of my work has transitioned intact.) Plus, I went from contributing reviews and the … Continue reading COMMENT: On 2006, and Some Greatest Hits

In the Scope: Speakeasy Shakes Things Up

[This post was retrieved via the Wayback Machine and archived here on 11/4/15. No edits were made beyond the removal of images that were no longer accessible.] Diamond’s stricter policy on pre-orders causing ripples throughout the industry Back in September, Diamond Comics Distributors made some waves with their announcement of a stricter policy regarding minimum … Continue reading In the Scope: Speakeasy Shakes Things Up

COMMENT: One Year Later Preview

Thanks to Jason Richards for boiling down the DiDio interview over at NEWSarama:Plastic Man is CANCELLED.Gotham Central is CANCELLED.Batman: Gotham Knights is CANCELLED.Batgirl is CANCELLED.JLA is CANCELLED. (wha? huh?!)Adventures of Superman is being CANCELLED and the Superman title is being reverted back to its original numbering (starting with #650).Flash is ENDING (not yet sure what … Continue reading COMMENT: One Year Later Preview

Buzzscope/CBC Editorial Office

My "inbox": The stack on the top left is everything I've read recently but not reviewed, either for Buzzscope of CBC Quickees. Approx. 15 comics deep is where intended reviews go to die. 🙁 The stack on the top right, underneath the New York Times' Infinite Crisis article, is mostly completed mini-series and story arcs … Continue reading Buzzscope/CBC Editorial Office