COMMENT: Riddick Comics?

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“It took me five years to make ‘The Chronicles of Riddick,'” says Vin Diesel, “and [I’m] very precious about it. It went through many, many, many writers. Hopefully it won’t take five years for the next one. But when I was in the process of creating this mythology for ‘Chronicles of Riddick,’ the idea was to create a story, a trilogy, that would start at the end of ‘Pitch Black’ in the same way that ‘Lord of the Rings’ is a trilogy that starts at the end, essentially, of ‘The Hobbit.’ So I wanted ‘The Hobbit’… I wanted ‘Pitch Black’ to be ‘The Hobbit’ to ‘The Chronicles of Riddick.’ I wrote a storyline, essentially, that covered three pictures, so where Riddick goes in the next two pictures is already mapped out. It’s not in script form, but it is being all developed, and it is going to surface when you least expect it.”

Considering the first Chronicles was a relative bomb at the box office, having a sequel show up at all would be an unexpected but welcome surprise. It’s kind of odd, though, that Diesel refers to “many, many, many writers” being involved when director David Twohy is the sole writer credited on Chronicles.

Knowing Diesel’s geek cred, I’m surprised there hasn’t been a comic book version of the series yet. Both Pitch Black and Chronicles made more money than Joss Whedon’s Serenity, and Diesel would certainly be able to get a comic book some mainstream exposure…

Perhaps this is a project for The Hive?

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2 thoughts on “COMMENT: Riddick Comics?

  1. I was pleasantly surprised how bad Chronicles of Riddick wasn’t. The videogame was pretty cool too. However, someone should really do a comicbook version of The Pacifier.

    When are we lunchin’?

  2. Visually, Chronicles was amazing; and overall, it was way more entertaining than Star Wars’ wooden finale. Which isn’t really saying much, I know.

    And the videogame was hot! It’s storyline would make for a fun comic book adaptation, too; maybe time it to the release of the sequel and have Diesel promote the hell out of it and a couple of the bigger conventions? I wonder if the license is available… 😉

    As for lunch, my people are emailing your people now.

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