America is stupid. At least the ones that watch American Idol and take the time to vote. I mean, really, what the fuck was THAT last night?!?! Ruben in the bottom two? Trenyce booted while Camouflage Doughboy lives on? That fake jarhead couldn't even hold his head up while Ruben stood out there waiting for … Continue reading

Been too tired lately to get any Pokemon time in on the train and I bought Car Battler Joe over the weekend which I haven't played at all yet. Also have Castlevania (?) that Omar lent me but I haven't had a chance for that one either. CBJ looks fun, reminding me of this game … Continue reading

One of the five people that read this thing is bored at work and suggests I write something today. Not a bad idea as I need a couple of minutes break from work, both the paid one and the poetry one. Stepped in dog shit this morning! Stepping in puddles and dragging my foot through … Continue reading