Been too tired lately to get any Pokemon time in on the train and I bought Car Battler Joe over the weekend which I haven’t played at all yet. Also have Castlevania (?) that Omar lent me but I haven’t had a chance for that one either. CBJ looks fun, reminding me of this game I had a long time ago on the Commodore 64 called Car Wars. I think. Been trying to find it again forever but I’m starting to wonder if I made the whole thing up. It was set in a kind of Mad Max world where you build cars and travel from town to town doing courier jobs and fighting with other cars. Car Battler Joe seems to have the same concept but with the Pokemon flavor. Both CBJ & the newest Pokemons deal with a kid who’s father is not around and part of his mission is finding him. In Pokemon, you actually battle him as he’s one of the Gym Leaders. In Joe, he’s possibly a bad guy that you run into towards the end of the game. Got issues?

India had her 6 month checkup on Tuesday, got her next round of immunizations and a clean bill of health. She’s starting to catch up to her weight now, looking more like a baby than a butterball. Isaac, meanwhile, is a little too smart for his own good. I have to remind myself that he’s only 2 1/2 because he’s so aware and on top of things, and so talkative, it’s easy to forget. That bi-polar mix of independence and dependence is dizzying at times. Salomé is about to start doing those sex toy parties. (Lord, I really hope my mother doesn’t read this thing!) Like Tupperware but on the other end of the spectrum! She has to do three observations first, then she’s off on her own. Long way from scrapbooking and something she would never have been able to do in Virginia. Have to wonder what those parties are like. I’ve always been lucky to have a lot of female friends and been privy to the kinds of conversations that make you realize there’s little difference between men and women when it comes to sexuality but I can’t really think of a comparable activity for guys. A live fantasy baseball draft maybe? LOL!

Going to a seder tonight up in Westchester. Never been to one but as far as I know, N’s family isn’t super-religious. Religion makes me totally uncomfortable, no matter which one it is. A lot of people swear I’m an atheist but the truth is I just hate organized religion. It’s group mind control. It’s no coincidence the bible is full of references to flocks and the meek and sheep. I DO believe in some sort of spirituality or karma, though. Not so much in fate, as the idea that I’m not in control of my own life has no appeal. There’s all kinds of things that defy explanation and you just take a leap of faith with it all. From the sun coming up tomorrow to the phone ringing clear across the country when you dial a ten-digit number, I don’t know how it all works, I just know it does.

Web site of the day: Dump AAA!

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