Cory Booker: Hero?

Despite my previous reflexive defense of East Orange, I’ll admit to buying in to the some of the negative perceptions of Newark, and was originally going to post a link to a great article on Newark’s Mayor Cory Booker that I just got around to reading in last month’s Esquire (with the inane Mike Myers … Continue reading Cory Booker: Hero?

East Orange is for…lovers?

Reddog n Neenee, originally uploaded by Nudnik N Da Hood. According to CNNMoney it is, ranking it at #21 of the 25 places that have the highest percentage of singles, and an over-30 scene. Hoboken is ranked #1 (ugh), while Newark is #20. (Hat tip to the Barista.) Interestingly, this is the same East Orange … Continue reading East Orange is for…lovers?

Cruising the Center

Sweet Rides, originally uploaded by bloomfieldguy. The Bloomfield Center Alliance sponsors two events in the summer that nicely represent one of the more appealing differences between living in the sortaburbs and living in the City: Cruise Night and the Farmer’s Market. While a Farmer’s Market isn’t terribly unique — I haven’t visited yet, but after … Continue reading Cruising the Center