Buyer’s Remorse

Happy Halloween Originally uploaded by bloomfieldguy Actually, not at all. It’s been five months since we bought the house, four months since we moved in, and excepting the unexpected $1,000 expense to fix a leak in the living room ceiling coming from the upstairs bathroom, homeownership in the ‘burbs has been quite the enjoyable experience. […]

East Orange is for…lovers?

Reddog n Neenee, originally uploaded by Nudnik N Da Hood. According to CNNMoney it is, ranking it at #21 of the 25 places that have the highest percentage of singles, and an over-30 scene. Hoboken is ranked #1 (ugh), while Newark is #20. (Hat tip to the Barista.) Interestingly, this is the same East Orange […]

Breaking Ground

There are 8 million stories in the naked city, plus another 2-3 million, give or take, if you count the transplants who still commute in for work from the surrounding cities and towns in Long Island, Connecticut and, yes, New Jersey. From Bloomberg to Bloomfield is my story, a native New Yorker on his third […]