Waiting for “Superman” and the Vast Charter School Agenda

The situation is dire, the film warns us. We must act. But what must we do? The message of the film is clear. Public schools are bad, privately managed charter schools are good. Parents clamor to get their children out of the public schools in New York City (despite the claims by Mayor Michael Bloomberg … Continue reading Waiting for “Superman” and the Vast Charter School Agenda


I.In 1978, my daily commute on the D trainfrom the not-quite-South Bronx of 170th Streetto the not-yet-Upper West Side of 96th, found me surrounded by men andwomen in suits with blue collars.I woke up 90 minutes earlierthan my friends and would oftenfall asleep on a stranger’s shoulder,startle awake, embarrassedbut unmolested.Contrary to popular belief,I felt safer … Continue reading Untitled