Goodbye Potter’s Field

Home ownership is a key theme in one of my favorite movies, It’s a Wonderful Life, and as I called our current landlord this morning to officially let them know we won’t be renewing our lease, I couldn’t help but recall the scene where Mr. Martini is moving his family into their new home courtesy of a loan from the old Bailey Bros. Building & Loan Association:

“No more we live like pigs in this Potter’s Field!”

While our apartment is far from a slum, we’ve definitely outgrown it, both physically and psychologically, and more than any other step we’ve taken in the home buying process so far, making that phone call felt like the most concrete affirmation yet that we’re really doing it. There was also a bit of the bittersweet there with the realization that, after a combined 17 years, I will likely never live in the Bronx again.

Of course, It’s A Wonderful Life has an answer for that, too:


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Potter’s Field

  1. Did Sal’s mom really run up the stairs like that? Awww.

    State Street Grill. When you arrive in Bloomfield. It’s where all the black and white film stars go. Just ask Betts!

    (Betts says: Haha, you funny bastard.)

  2. Actually, that would have been her Dad, storming off mad that his baby was marrying a broke-ass wannabe writer! :-O

    We’ve been to the SSG a couple of times and the food is pretty good; a diner on steroids. Haven’t seen anyone famous there, yet, but he almost-ours house is only about a 15-minute walk away.

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