Not just empty words, not just false hope

Not all Obama supporters are being driven solely by emotion and recent articles about the “cult-like” aura surrounding his campaign seem to suggest there’s a not-unexpected backlash brewing in the media. The most overt instance of this was probably the FOX News stunt with one of Frank Luntz’ post-debate “focus groups” where several Obama supporters were asked to name … Continue reading Not just empty words, not just false hope

Spindle: February ’08

In the midst of all the political blogging I’ve been doing lately, I had a Spindle update looming on the calendar for today and stole time here and there over the past two weeks to sift through the surprisingly steady stream of submissions that have come in since last month. I was worried in mid-January … Continue reading Spindle: February ’08

McCain knocks out Giuliani AND Bloomberg!

John McCain apparently landed a devastating 1-2 punch with his victory in Florida Tuesday night, not only knocking the clueless Rudy Giuliani out of the race but also effectively knee-capping Michael Bloomberg’s oft-rumored, self-financed Independent run: Senator Lieberman says the increasing likelihood that Senator McCain will win the Republican nomination could keep Mayor Bloomberg on the sidelines … Continue reading McCain knocks out Giuliani AND Bloomberg!

Time Out!

Okay, once I start posting 2am rants about politics, it’s clearly time to pause for a deep breath and talk about something else for awhile. …  Spindle? Chugging along quite nicely. We hit 15,000 page views on Sunday and today’s update concludes the “official” launch. Now I have to start working on February’s content, including a new Notable New … Continue reading Time Out!

There’s Something (Wrong) About Hillary, Pt. II

And the hits just keep coming! First it’s the disingenuous twisting and distorting of Barack Obama’s statements about Ronald Reagan which (rightly, IMO) suggested that Reagan had tapped into and delivered upon a desire for fundamental change in a way that Bill Clinton’s presidency didn’t. At no point did Obama suggest that he thought Reagan was a “great” president, though: “I do think that, for example, … Continue reading There’s Something (Wrong) About Hillary, Pt. II