Time Out!

Okay, once I start posting 2am rants about politics, it’s clearly time to pause for a deep breath and talk about something else for awhile.


Spindle? Chugging along quite nicely. We hit 15,000 page views on Sunday and today’s update concludes the “official” launch. Now I have to start working on February’s content, including a new Notable New Yorker interview.

Writing? Haven’t written anything new in a few weeks (the random villanelle doesn’t count) and have to put together at least one submission before the end of the month. Read “A Change in Direction” last night in the open mic.

Reading? I’m juggling a couple of books right now: The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama and Hundred in the Hand by Joseph M. Marshall III.

Watching? Probably not the Giants vs. Patriots as I could not possibly be less interested in that matchup of two teams I don’t like. My intense hatred of the Patriots far exceeds my relatively mild dislike of Eli Manning, Michael Strahan and Tom Coughlin, though, so I guess I’ll be a Giants fan for one Sunday, assuming I bother to watch the game.

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3 thoughts on “Time Out!

  1. This should be a monthly rundown. I’ll join in to make it official, because I’ve become quite the egotist lately, and you’re partially to blame (you’re the one who told me to do the name-domain thing after all…).

    Murdershow? It’s going going good. We have a bunch of weird interviews lined up, and are trying to figure out just exactly what we want to do with it as an entity, aside from Late Night Thing. I’ve set it to redge only for comments, so I think that might turn people off, but we’ve gotten some emails, especially regarding LNT which is always fun. We even got a message from someone from one of the shows, so that was cool.

    Reading? Does the internet count? I’m so burnt out on fiction books and comics as well, I’ve pretty much given up – I figure if they aren’t trying to write anyone good why should I bother trying to read it, yeah? I bought my gf Persepolis for xmas, and neither of us has read it yet, but I think that’s more the general malaise about reading than a comment on that book itself. I got a bunch of Borders gift cards for xmas too, and finally went there this last weekend and couldn’t even find ANYTHING that I wanted, for free even – how sad is that? Comics really should be ashamed of themselves. Can you imagine what would happen to the DC properties if Warners wasn’t backing them right now… oh brother. Flight vol. 4 was amazing though, last thing I read I liked I guess.

    Watching? Mostly reruns, some late night stuff, waiting for Lost I guess since there isn’t much else on. I just got a late xmas gift in the mail yesterday which was a 250gb external HD full with lots of oddball shows that were never put on dvd. Get A Life, some Adult Swim stuff, some BBC stuff, just a lot of random crap. That’ll keep me busy for awhile. That and a bunch of movies I ripped for the month my 360 was off being repaired and I couldn’t stream – Year of the Dog was surprisingly good, Molly Shannon will never do another good movie after this, bet 🙂

    Oh yeah, and I could care less about the NFL at this point too, but it’d be hard to make it happen.

    What about music?

  2. I’m all about ego; a monthly check-in is a good idea!

    I like the MurderShow redesign and I’m curious about the backstory. Seems like you split off with that other site you were writing for, no?

    As for music, I’ve got the 90s in heavy rotation on my MP3 player, with a dash of Rob Thomas, Matchbox Twenty and Blue October. Very unhip!

  3. quickly – I was split off from that other site, long story of stupid drama – but mostly it wasn’t my fault this time haha. We still wanted to do LNT, so after that happened, and I shut down murdershow the first time around, the idea came up to put it back up as a group-blog thing and I figured what the heck. That’s about it.

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