The Mind Reels

With only a few days remaining for last-minute surprises, 2008 has been one for the books on so many levels — personally, professionally, globally — the mind truly does reel. And reels, and reels, and reels… perhaps somehow what I imagine bonefishing might be like? (h/t to one of my newfound loves of the year, […]

Spindle Update: Scheduling Delays

If you’re one of Spindle‘s obsessive readers who’s figured out our update schedule and checks in every second Tuesday for new content, you’ve probably noticed our schedule has been slipping a bit the past couple of months. ¬†Thankfully, it’s not for lack of content, as the submissions continue to come in at a steady pace […]

Spindle: Play Ball!

While the weather hasn’t really acknowledged it yet, Spring is officially here, and there’s no better sign of the hopefulness it brings with it than the start of baseball season, as the Mets and Yankees vie for a shot at another subway series to send their old stadiums out with a bang. Over at Spindle, […]