Spring Cleaning

I spent the morning updating the backends of this site and Spindle’s — WordPress 2.3.3 and Joomla 1.0.15, respectively — as well as a number of the plug-ins and modules that had new updates released recently, and finally found a new WP template I liked better than my previous one which had a couple of cosmetic bugs I never could figure out how to fix.

The picture up top is temporary, at least in size, because I ran out of time, but any feedback on the readability and functionality of everything else would be most appreciated.

PS: Yes, thanks to a hectic couple of weeks, I’m behind on the latest Spindle update which was scheduled for 3/11 but am hoping to have it ready to go on Tuesday morning!

ETA (Sunday): So I found another template I like better but still haven’t nailed the header image yet. That will have to wait, though, until after today’s fantasy baseball draft and the one-week-delayed Spindle update. and finally came up with a header that, as Salomé put it, reflects my life: me, NY, beer and poetry.

Next up, completing my fantasy auction draft, uploading Spindle‘s next update, a coaches meeting for Little League, and finishing up our mortgage application and getting it in the mail. Plus, it’s my last week at the soon-to-be old job!

NOTE: I also updated the link structure as I noticed a lot of my posts that were imported from my old Blogspot blogs weren’t showing up properly with the previous structure I was using. Unfortunately, that means any old Wordbook-generated links won’t go to the right pages anymore. 🙁

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