Marketing Should be Fun(damental)

Marketers have spammed, lied, deceived, cluttered and ripped us off for so long, we’re sick of it. --Seth Godin I love coaching Little League baseball. This is my son's third year playing and I've been fortunate enough to coach his team each year, experiencing first-hand the beauty of playing baseball for no other reason than … Continue reading Marketing Should be Fun(damental)

Let’s Go Mets! Let’s Go…Knicks?

[youtube:] I'm thrilled that the Brett Favre fiasco is officially over and I can look forward to being a 100% Jets fan again, but right this minute, I am so ready for Spring and the baseball season to get started! Matthew Cerrone of has been whetting my appetite the past few days with his … Continue reading Let’s Go Mets! Let’s Go…Knicks?

If I Had to Vote Republican

Random thoughts on tonight's Republican Debate (live-blogging): The format of the debate, with Brian Williams and Tim Russert asking specific questions with little follow-up or interaction from the other candidates makes things a little stilted. [ETA: This got better as the night wore on.] I was surprised and glad to see Ron Paul on the … Continue reading If I Had to Vote Republican


I.In 1978, my daily commute on the D trainfrom the not-quite-South Bronx of 170th Streetto the not-yet-Upper West Side of 96th, found me surrounded by men andwomen in suits with blue collars.I woke up 90 minutes earlierthan my friends and would oftenfall asleep on a stranger’s shoulder,startle awake, embarrassedbut unmolested.Contrary to popular belief,I felt safer … Continue reading Untitled