Today is the the first anniversary of my official appointment as a financial advisor with American Express. What a difference a year makes! Swung by the office on Saturday night while we were in Virginia, fully expecting to see at least one poor soul still working but, to my surprise, everyone was gone. They finally disabled my access to the Market Group web site so I can’t check who’s still there and how everyone’s doing any more. The only two people I’m still in touch with left before me and moved out of the area. Guess that chapter is now officially closed.

The quality of American life must keep pace with the quantity of American goods. This country cannot afford to be materially rich and spiritually poor.

John F. Kennedy

I realized this morning that we’ve gone over six months without the majority of our material possessions. Furniture, electronics, DVDs, CDs, books…you name it, it’s all been in storage. All of our clothes, a few of the kids’ toys and the computer are all we’ve really had with us since we’ve been back. As Eric and I were loading the truck, I noticed I’d even forgotten about some of the things we owned. It’s nice to have all of it back but, at the same time, it’s nice to know we could live without it if necessary.

Looks like my cousin will be moving into our new building pretty soon. They looked at two apartments and have put in their application. Maybe as early as July 1! It’ll be nice to have family in the building, especially with their two kids. Growing up as an only child [my brother and sister weren’t born til I was 12 or 13], my cousins were like my brothers and sisters and I saw them pretty often. I’m still close to a few of them – they all live in the Bronx! – and would love to have Isaac and India grow up with a similar closeness to theirs. Alternating babysitting will be nice for both of us, too!

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[I missed the premiere episode of the Smurfs because that was the day we moved from Manhattan to Mt. Vernon. I held it against my mother for months as I missed the origin of Smurfette. I’ve forgiven, but never forgotten!]

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